Coconut oil is made from fresh nature coconuts, using the cold-process method of production. The vast majority of virgin coconut oil on sale in the US and UK is subjected to varying amounts of heat during production. Heating is used to rid the VCO of the minute amount of moisture left after the oil has separated from the protein and the skim milk. The heating allows the producer to package the oil on the day it is harvested. It can then be shipped the next day.......Unfortunately; heating the oil also destroys some of the vital antioxidants and nutrients that make VCO so beneficial.

Heated oils invariably have a low Lauric Acid content. Lauric Acid is the medium chain fatty acid which is gives VCO its formidable healing powers. This VCO has a recently confirmed Lauric Acid content of 54.1%.

This VCO is allowed to stand for sme days after harvesting. This is enough time for the final moisture content to separate from the oil. During this one week period the oil is filtered a minimum of 4 times. This makes this oil, water clear.The reason the moisture level has to be kept to an absolute minimum, is that it is the moisture level that contributes to the oil eventually going rancid.

Before you buy your next jar of VCO, please check the facts. We are more than confident that the quality of our oil is far superior to the other VCO's already available in the UK and US or any others else.

By :Tiknan Tasmaun

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