Inner energy is a miracle power that you all have. Pay atention at this case: a child that he was very afraid of dog. One day he was hunted by a dog. He ran so fastly, but unfortunately there was a high wall infront of him, two meters and a half. What happened then ? Due to the big afraidness, the child could jump up over the wall. Why it could be done? THAT is the inner energi. It is also called inner power. In that condition, the child's inner energy woke up automatically. You and I are also able to wake up our inner power. How to do it ?


Whatever happens with you just keep positive thinking. Say to your self, that your life is useful. Say the wonderful words before and after your sleeping. Imagine what your goal. Remember that Allah The God is as what a humanbeing thinks. (The free-meaning of Hadish Qudsi The Propeth Muhammad SAW).  By the way just set up your mind , making sure that The God mercy with you. Set up in your mind that whatever you want you will get. Do it and do it and do it everytime. It will be able to wake up your inner energy.

Do yoga exercise everyday, 

it spends maybe 15 minutes. Take a breath, do it slowly. Take the air slowly, imagine that you are getting a great power from nature, from The God. Hold the air in your body and imagine that you spread the power into all part of your body. Finally, through away the air. Imagine that you through away your weakness.
Don't be lazy to practice the exercise everyday. Do it and do it and do it, and what will be happened with you ? You will become a powerfull man, because your inner energy changes more great,...more powerful.

Praying is also the most impertant thing to do. 

Why ? You must realize that all the nature; on earth , in heaven, in the sky and whatever in the universe are belong to The God Himself. We , you and I, have not anything in this world. So who you are if you do not want to pray Him and ask Him ?! Remember what Allah says in The Qur'an : ASK ME, and I will really give you. Let's pray and ask Him whatever we want. Just ask Him, and ask Him, and ask Him,....and you will get a great power to solve any problems in your live.

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Permisi nambahin sedikit, soal yoga. Sebaiknya sebelum tarik nafas untuk di serap tubuh, jangan lupa dilakukan pembersihan terlebih dahulu, yaitu dengan cara keluarkan "udara sisa" dari 3 rongga (rongga seks, rongga perut dan rongga dada) karena di 3 rongga itulah banyak tersisa unsur C (carbon)yg berasal dari CO2 nya darah kita yg selesai bekerja, di tambah lagi racun CO2 dari rokok, pabrik atau knalpot kendaraan anda.
Sehingga dgn demikian oksidasi yg terjadi bersih dari kotoran C tersebut, dan muka jadi sumringah !
Wah ! monggo !

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